Wall Mounted Video Arm

As IFE is designed to improve the passenger experience, the experience of the crew is just as important. The S&S Wall Mounted video arms are designed for the limited space in the crew rest compartment. Designed to mount directly on the wall, our arms have self-locking features that allow the crew to quickly deploy and stow the video arm easily and securely. Our crew rest arms not only pivot away from the wall, they also have the convenience of tilting to just the right angle for viewing. Similar to our tourist class arms, they can accommodate larger monitors found in the latest IFE systems. Installation and removal are easy with just 2 screws for easy servicing, providing maximum uptime.

  • Crew rest and other special seating applications
  • Monitors to 12.6 in. (32 cm)
  • Simple intuitive operation
  • Convenient integrated latch for secure stowage
  • Variable resistance for ease of deployment and stowing
  • Mounts quickly and easily with just two screws
  • High-reliability, high durability, high quality materials of construction
  • Precision-machined, lightweight, high-strength aluminum
  • Economical, low maintenance

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