The VertiGlide™ Solution

Your passenger relaxes, and at the touch of a button the video monitor rises gracefully into view, as smoothly and silently as a glider ascending on a steady updraft. Because VertiGlide™ uses no motors or powered actuators, there are no whirrs or buzzes, and no sudden popping or jarring movements; the constant rate of rise is subtly pleasing to the senses. Everything you have been doing to create a premium user experience, as a carrier, interior designer, seating manufacturer, or IFE systems provider, is supported and enhanced by Verti-Glide—reliably, aesthetically, and economically. The user experience from the aircraft operator’s point of view is enhanced as well, since the Verti-Glide takes up 20% less space than traditional designs, places no load on power supplies, and deploys monitors weighing 15 lbs (7 kg) or more with an ingeniously designed patent-pending lifting mechanism that is virtually maintenance-free.

The matter of electronic cabling running through the arm—normally the most costly and trouble-some maintenance issue—is also very pleasantly resolved. Configuration of internal space in the Verti-Glide permits harnesses up to 0.5 inches (13 mm) in diameter to be rapidly and easily installed with their end connectors already attached. The time between servicings is extended by securing and protecting the cabling in a system that reduces torsional stresses on the harness to a minimum.

When the movie is over, your fully rested passenger returns the monitor to its compact console at the speed and pressure of their choosing, with Verti-Glide ensuring the downward motion is just as smooth, safe, and pleasant.

  • First Class/Business Class
  • Single arm or double arm
  • Monitors to 15 in. (38 cm)
  • Push-button, slow-rise, vertical deployment
  • Premium user experience
  • Rotation and tilt clutches are smooth, maintenance-free
  • Spacious inside diameter of 0.750 in. (19 mm) permits all "next-generation" IFE cables
  • Best cable protection system
  • "Plug-and-bolt" design installs with three mounting screws
  • Integrated console cover is also available for complete "turn-key" installation

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