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The Tablet PC That Floats in Mid-Air Is Not Here Yet … But We Are.

The New Tablet PC Positioning Technology from S&S Numerical Control: We don’t make tablet PCs, especially the ones that magically defy gravity, but we do offer the next best thing—a range of customized holding-and-positioning systems suited to every brand of tablet. The tablet PC is becoming more and more compelling as an IFE device, whether distributed alone or in addition to embedded IFE systems.

Positioning and Holding Systems for Every Brand of Tablet PC:

  • Custom designed to suit your exact seating envelope and cabin decor
  • Designs include portable/detachable or fully integrated into seating system
  • Tilting and non-tilting versions
  • Lightweight, strong, and durable
  • Hands-free viewing provides the best passenger experience
  • Creates competitive advantages in premium and economy cabins
  • Supports new revenue-generating strategies based on tablet PCs as IFE

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Business Class Fliers

Business Class Revenue

IFEC Market Growth by 2025

There is no perfect way to handle a tablet PC, but there is one very uncomfortable way, which is to leave the passenger struggling with holding and positioning it manually during the flight. If you are handing out tablet PCs for IFE purposes, or considering it, you no longer need to envision your passengers holding their tablets up with one hand while managing their in-flight meals with the other. Picture them instead enjoying a far more elegant experience, with a completely hands-free design matched to your exact seating envelope.

S&S Numerical Control specializes in the design and manufacture of positioning arms for IFE displays. Each seat and cabin environment requires its own custom-fitted solution. S&S offers a high level of expertise in all phases of an IFE project, from the initial needs assessment, development of product specifications, 3D modeling, rapid prototyping, support for testing and customer review, and a complete range of production services at our manufacturing facility in Northridge, California. Find out how to make the most of the opportunity to deploy the tablet PC as a new type of IFE device. Call or write for details and design consultations.

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