KLM Premium Comfort Front Row Video Arm by S&S Numerical

The Predator arm, which is the world’s best-selling video arm for Economy, Premium Economy, and Business Class, uses unique friction technology to allow passengers of all types to simply deploy and stow the largest of displays without sacrificing performance. The Predator video arm is used by all major in-flight entertainment system suppliers to protect the equipment while providing passengers with the best possible experience.

KLM launched its Premium Comfort cabin this week, giving its long-haul fleet a premium economy upgrade. The new front row seats will have the predator video arm which was developed in collaboration with S&S Numerical. Beginning in July 2022, they will be available for travel and eventually will be installed across the rest of the 777 and 787 fleets. The materials for the Premium Comfort cabin were chosen with care to reduce weight and associated fuel burn and emissions without sacrificing quality.

The Predator arm is intelligently designed to be lightweight with ample space for the large diameter harnesses, patented one-way friction technology, single hand operation with easy deployment and a virtually unlimited array of color schemes and finishes. S&S Numerical cares about aesthetics and details as much as functionality. The new seats in KLM Premium Comfort are a radiant blue so S&S Numerical created matching blue button levers to match!