Adient Ascent Meal Tables by S&S Numerical

As the aircraft interiors seating market continues to evolve, there is a player that is creating quite a buzz in the industry. Adient Aerospace has launched a new and innovative seat called Ascent and touts increased privacy, craftsmanship and an overall improvement to the passenger experience in business class seating.

In April 2019, Adient Aerospace chose Satterfield Aerospace to develop business class meal tables for its brand‐new Ascent business class seat.

“We could not be more proud of our being selected by Adient to design, develop and build meal tables for the Ascent seat – which is truly an engineering marvel,” said John Satterfield, President and CEO of Satterfield Aerospace. “It is their desire to truly improve the passenger experience, streamline the build process and think outside of the box that has created an excitement in the industry.”

Satterfield meal tables provide the perfect complement to one of the most innovative seats to come along in some time. The meal tables protect surrounding furniture with interlocking mechanisms that are intuitive, yet discrete and provide many options for various carriers. They are smooth, quiet and lightweight yet provide the exceptional robustness and durability airlines have come to expect from all Satterfield products.

Several major airlines have already selected the Adient Ascent seat for their twin‐aisle aircraft, which have displayed a 1‐2‐1 seating configuration, with the center seats laying down to create a double bed. The seats also feature an optional sliding door, which turns them into a private, quiet suite. 

“We began with the vision of bringing automotive DNA to the aerospace market, and our commitment to on‐time performance, quality and craftsmanship will be the standard for our customers around the world” said Bryan Dawson, acting CEO, Adient Aerospace.

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