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  • BE Seat Arm

    The VertiGlide™ Solution

    The VertiGlide™ Solution for First Class or Business Classs provides a premium user experience for monitors up to 15 in, with slow-rise vertical deployment. Read More

  • Integrated Console

    New! Custom-Fitted Positioning Arms for Tablet PCs

    Tablet PCs when used as IFE devices require a way to hold and position the display, as otherwise the passenger is burdened with having to manipulate the device manually during the flight. S&S solutions for tablet PCs are custom-designed for your particular seat and cabin environment, with options including portable/detachable configurations as well as fully integrated into the seating envelope. Whether the tablet PC is the only IFE device, or is in addition to a traditional, embedded IFE system, the S&S hands-free tablet solution will provide the best passenger experience. Read More

  • S&S Numerical Double Arm

    EX-Style Double Arm

    The EX-Style Double Arm for First Class or Business Classs provides a a single or double arm for monitors up to 12.6 in, with spring-loaded deployment. Read More

  • Crash Testing

    EX Front Row Tourist Class Arm

    The EX-Style Arm for Tourist Class provides a a single arm for monitors up to 10.6 in, with variable resistance for ease of deployment. Read More

  • Wall Mounted Video Arm

    The Wall Mounted Video Arm for Crew Rest and other special applications, provides a single arm for monitors up to 12.6 in, with intuitive operation and integrated latch for secure storage. Read More

Custom Video Arm Designs

The S&S product range offers solutions for most cabin/seating environments. Configurations include single or double arm, straight or offset, pop-up style, console-deploying, underseat-deploying, and our patented Vertiglide™ vertically deploying, "slowrise" systems. All are built to your exact specifications including basic mounting style, lifting capacity, degrees of rotation, screen-tilt angles, monitor interface, IFE harness diameter, abuse-load and breakaway values, weight and space requirements, and platings and coatings.


Integrated Aesthetics and the Passenger Experience

The styling of the video arm is an important aspect of the design. Passengers spend more time looking at monitors and video arms than at any other part of the aircraft. For branding and marketing purposes alone, this should be taken into account when selecting the right video arm design for your project.


Reliability and Total Cost of Ownership

Program managers in every industry have often learned the hard way that the most expensive product is the one that doesn't work. To accurately assess the cost of ownership of a product, the quality, reliability, and field service factors have to be taken into account. Reliability and total cost of ownership work hand-in-hand.