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  • Design Analysis

    Design Analysis

    Before manufacturing begins on your product, S&S Numerical Control can perform a design analysis to establish the integrity of the design. This review, when conducted before the first prototypes are run, can also reduce the amount of time it takes to arrive at the final design, thereby saving time and protecting the program's schedule.

  • Rapid Prototyping

    In-House Rapid Prototyping

    Projects running on tight schedules require fast delivery of concepts for engineering review and customer approval. With in-house design services and rapid-prototyping equipment, S&S responds rapidly. For polymer forms made to excellent tolerances, our state-of-the-art 3D printer reduces turnaround to a few weeks rather than months. For machined aluminum, our on-site manufacturing facility runs at top speed to satisfy the most demanding schedules.

  • Integrated Console

    Integrated Design Capabilities

    S&S Numerical Control specializes in the ability to manufacture key components of the seat and its surrounding structure, such as the console bezel through which the video arm passes each time it is deployed or stowed. The ability to supply a more complete solution allows seat manufacturers to simply "plug and bolt" the S&S solution into place. Seat makers benefit by knowing everything will function correctly on first installation. Read More

  • Crash Testing

    Cycle Testing Services

    Commercial-aircraft programs often require formal testing of key components to verify performance and life expectancy. S&S Numerical Control assists in this effort by setting up in-house testing of critical arm components including main pivot joints, rotation around the vertical axis, joints for monitor tilt angle, stowage-compartment latching mechanisms, and so on. Test methods are developed in collaboration with clients to suit program specifications.
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  • FAA Form 8130-3 Airworthiness Certificate

    Articles produced by S&S Numerical Control are manufactured in-house under an FAA-approved quality system. When new products require an FAA Form 8130-3 Airworthiness certificate, S&S Numerical Control is able to develop the documentation needed to obtain FAA Parts Manufacturing Authority. S&S to date has obtained PMA for nearly 200 part numbers of our own design and manufacture.

Video Arms for B747 and B777 Business Class

The customer needed an arm designed within eight weeks or less for their business-class seats. In addition to deploying a large monitor, the arm had to fit into a very tight space, and had to partially deploy automatically from the center console. Here's how we solved it:

S&S Numerical Double Arm

Lightweight Video Arms with Low Deployment Force

The customer wanted an arm that did not require excessive force to move, and that could be operated with just one hand. Some video arms require passengers to use two hands, one to push the button to release the arm, and the other to move it into the deployed position. Here's how we solved it:


A330 Business Class Arm with 10.4 Inch Monitor

The client wanted a forward-deploying arm that could support a 10.4 inch monitor. The seat vendor had previously supplied an arm designed for a smaller monitor, but due to the higher weight of the new monitor, the arm had to be tightened so much that it became very difficult to deploy. Here's how we solved it: