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S&S Numerical Building

Integration of Design and Manufacturing Techniques

S&S Numerical Control works directly with your design team to develop the ideal form, fit, and function for each of video deployment application. We manufacture each arm with high-precision CNC machining techniques, building all components to exacting specifications. Components and finished assemblies are processed with proven quality control actions that ensure consistent performance and durability. Each arm design and production run is cycle tested to 40,000 cycles to eliminate the single biggest cause of cable failures.

Before manufacturing begins on your product, we can perform a design check to establish the integrity of the plan. This saves costly design changes and reduces the number of prototypes required before full production begins. Our ability to analyze products beforehand also reduces the overall cost of a program. This is but one of the many differentiators that make S&S a world class manufacturer.

Building "Best-in-Every-Class" Video Arms

S&S Numerical Control is dedicated to building video arms that are the best in every class. We begin by specializing strictly in video arms for the Inflight Entertainment industry, and listening carefully to the requirements of every airline, seat vendor, and IFE systems manufacturer. We then design a series of arms that allow for integration with the equipment produced by various IFE manufacturers and seat builders. We build the arms to last for years and with very low maintenance, starting with 100% precision-machined components. The arms are engineered to meet or exceed FAA 16g and 300-pound-abuse-load requirements. S&S arms allow for both standard and digital cables, and we eliminate the single biggest cause of cable failures by testing to 40,000 cycles. We design each arm with variable clutches that permit smooth, easy, push-button deployment, and that keep the arm up reliably even when attached to the heaviest monitors.

We keep a close eye on aesthetics, offering a wide range of coatings and finishes to suit customer specifications. S&S arms make installation fast and trouble-free, with assemblies designed with common components for painless future maintenance. S&S is highly responsive to inquiries and offers short lead times for prototypes and production runs. We cost-engineer all designs to require less maintenance, thereby reducing the total cost of ownership.