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The S&S Numerical Control Problem Solving Approach

In an interview John Satterfield, President, explained the S&S problem-solving approach as follows: "If I'm thinking of a product and how to design it, I'm also thinking of exactly how it will be manufactured. If a component can't be manufactured in a reliable way, I don't design it in."

"Our customers who manufacture seats and cabins have a group of engineers responsible for delivering the design," Satterfield comments. "We don't mind being the company they come to for solutions under tight deadlines. A lot of companies won't do it and we're often the only ones crazy enough to take it on!"

When asked how they can respond more quickly, Satterfield explains, "We're a direct-contact organization, and we specialize in the design and manufacture of video arms only. This gives us a depth and quality of focus you can't get in companies dealing with a wider range of products."

For further information on the problem-solving approach S&S employs on all video-arm programs, see the Problem Solvers article published in Aircraft Interiors International magazine.