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Integrated Console

Design and Engineering Services

S&S Numerical Control offers a complete range of services to support all phases of a program:

  • Needs Assessment—Data gathering to determine best approach for your application
  • Program Specifications—Joint development of specifications, taking advantage of S&S long-term industry expertise
  • 3D Modeling—Designs are worked within the confines of the actual seating/IFE envelope
  • Rapid Prototyping—Quick delivery of plastic and/or machined-metal first article
  • CDR and Revisions—Full support of Customer Design Review, rapid modifications, extensive customization capability
  • Testing and FAI—Support for all feedback received in testing phase, fast turnaround of next-iteration of the design
  • Production Phase—Rapid launch of initial production runs with close coordination of delivery schedules for all subsequent shipsets

S&S Video Arm Styles and Their Critical Design Requirements

The S&S product range is extensive and offers solutions for most cabin/seating environments. Configurations include single arm, double arm, straight or offset, pop-up style, console-deploying, underseat-deploying, and patented Vertiglideā„¢ vertically deploying, "slow-rise" systems—see Products. For a list of airline installations, see Programs.

All S&S arms are built to your exact specifications, including the basic mounting style, lifting capacity, degrees of arm rotation, forward and backward screen-tilt angles, monitor interface, IFE harness diameter, harness protection, abuse-load and arm breakaway values, total weight and space requirements, and outer platings and coatings.

Integration of Video Arms and Seating Envelope Mating Components

A major factor in video arm design is the trend toward vertical integration of the arms with their directly mating console components. Video arms and seating components must fit neatly together to maintain quality of user experience. Problems can arise whenever tolerances are stacked between two or more components coming from different sources. All too often they do not work smoothly together and the fact is discovered too late.

S&S Numerical Control specializes in the ability to manufacture key components of the seat and its surrounding structure, such as the console bezel through which the video arm passes each time it is deployed or stowed. The ability to supply a more complete solution allows seat manufacturers to simply "plug and bolt" the S&S solution into place. Seat makers benefit by knowing everything will function correctly on first installation. Customers save time and trouble by turning over portions of their engineering work to S&S, relieving them of problems associated with having to manage every small aspect of a program. The chances of a failure caused by an "invisible detail" are eliminated. This "plug-and-bolt" approach is now a standard offering on all S&S video arm programs.

For further information on the most critical factors to consider at the outset of any seat-design or video-arm-selection project, contact us to request a copy of the report entitled "The Seven Most Critical Factors to Consider at the Start of Every Seat/Cabin Design Project.""