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Custom Video Arms

Selecting the Right Video Arm Design

Video arms are among the most critical components of an IFE system. They must be designed and selected carefully because of their strong impact on the passenger IFE experience and on the airline's overall branding. S&S Numerical Control has determined that there are seven critical factors to be considered at the outset of any IFE program. It is most important to take these into account early on, long before seat vendors and IFE manufacturers have developed and presented their final proposals. There are many factors impacting a program, and a long checklist could be constructed. At the immediate outset of a program, however, taking just the following seven items into account will be enough to set the stage for success.

1.  Cabin/Seating Environment
2.  Monitor Size and Weight
3.  Protecting the Harness
4.  Integrated Aesthetics
5.  The User Experience
6.  Total Cost of Ownership
7.  Product Support

For complete details on the impact of each of these factors, contact S&S Numerical Control and request a copy of the report entitled: "The Seven Most Critical Factors to Consider at the Start of Every Seat/Cabin Design Project"