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A330 Business Class with 10.4 Inch Monitor

Aircraft: Airbus A330

Application: Business Class

Existing solution: New aircraft with client considering a standard arm from a seat vendor.

Situation: The client wanted a forward-deploying arm that could support a 10.4 inch monitor. The seat vendor had previously supplied an arm designed for a smaller monitor, but due to the higher weight of the new monitor, the arm had to be tightened so much that it became very difficult to deploy. Loosening the arm so that it would move more easily allowed it to free-fall, creating a safety hazard.

Design considerations: The arm had to simultaneously provide greater ease of deployment and better security of the monitor in the fully deployed position. It also had to retrofit the existing seat design.

What we did to solve it: S&S Numerical Control built prototypes with our variable-resistance clutch system built into the main pivot. This allowed the arm to move easily during initial deployment while becoming tighter as the arm reached full height. Working closely with the seat vendor, we further ensured the unit satisfied all other requirements of the airline operator. The variable-resistance feature of the S&S arm solved the problem so well that the airline decided to furnish all of their new A330 aircraft with the S&S arm in business class in addition to the S&S arms already installed in the tourist-class cabin of the same aircraft.

Video arm solution: S&S Forward Deploying Unit with Variable Resistance Clutch