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  • BE Seat Arm

    Specialists in IFE video arm design and manufacturing

    The S&S Numerical Control Division of Satterfield Aerospace specializes in the design and manufacturing of video arms for IFE (in-flight entertainment) systems. Our focus is on producing the best mechanical arm solutions for wide- and narrow-body commercial, regional, and corporate jets and similar premium seating applications, including special configurations such as front-row tourist class. Read More

  • Integrated Console

    Complete range of integrated design and engineering services

    The core strength of Satterfield Aerospace is the ability to provide a complete range of services including a comprehensive needs assessment, innovative design and engineering of video arms and their mating components, rapid prototyping, on-site manufacturing, and full product support. Satterfield Aerospace has an extensive history of successful collaboration with IFE system designs, seat manufacturers, aircraft builders, and airline operators. Read More

  • S&S Numerrical Building

    Video arms manufactured at the S&S factory in Northridge, CA

    All S&S video arms are manufactured at our factory in Northridge, California. Three-, four, and five-axis machining operations are our specialty. We utilize state of the art CAD/CAM programming systems to turn complex CAD data into world-class products. Working with customer drawings or legacy data is never a problem. We also perform cost design analysis on existing data at your request in order to reduce cost. CNC milling, CNC turning, grinding, CAD/CAM and CAE services are available. Read More

  • Crash Testing

    Process control, inspection, testing and certification

    S&S Numerical Control maintains a stringent FAA-approved quality system designed to produce goods that consistently meet all specifications and in the case of aircraft applications to meet and exceed approved type-design standards for safe operations. Our quality system is based on seven major components including design control; organizational structure; facilities and equipment; contracts with customers; materials control; process control; and quality control procedures. Read More

  • Jet Plane

    Support for passenger aircraft applications

    S&S Numerical Control recognizes the importance of consistent and reliable support for all products installed in commercial airline applications. In addition to manufacturing to the highest standards, S&S provides full support for products in service including component maintenance manuals, fast turnaround times for spares and repairs, and engineering support for all other phases of the program. Read More

The S&S Problem-Solving Approach

S&S Numerical Control places a strong emphasis on supporting the entire product line by constantly making it better, more reliable, and more efficient. One of the best ways to support a product is to make sure it does not develop problems in the first place, using well thought-out design and manufacturing techniques.


S&S Integrated Design Capability

S&S offers integrated-design capabilities intended to eliminate many of the complexities involved in commercial aircraft seating applications. Parts that interact directly with the video arm can be incorporated into the S&S solution, thereby reducing your engineering workload and ensuring a perfect fit at installation.


Positioning Arms for Tablet PCs

Tablet PCs used as IFE devices require a way to position the display, so that the passenger does not have to manipulate it manually during the flight. S&S solutions for tablet PCs are custom-designed for the seat environment with portable/detachable configurations as well as fully integrated into the seating envelope.